Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day - Leaving for Tahiti

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Well, we're off. Almost. Waiting for slack tide in the pass, so we can get out of the lagoon, then we're off to Papeete Harbour on the island of Tahiti. Hard to imagine that we're bored in paradise...but we're certainly having to think about how to keep busy. I've even polished and waxed our cockpit!

The picture above is from the church in the small village of Tiputa, on the other side of the pass. We jumped on a landing craft from a large freighter to get to the village, and took a little water taxi back. Wandering around the village was a nice way to spend a few hours.

Tahiti is 200 miles from here, so it will take us a day and a half or two days to get there. The seas will likely still be rolling, after all this crazy weather we've had, so it won't be too comfortable. But, it will be great to tie up to the dock, check out the city, and enjoy birthday celebrations!

To everyone at home...have a great Canada Day!


bob yearsley said...

Hi you guys ,wow !!! you are way out there.Itold my friend Mike about your trip. I told you he sailed in N>z for 3wks. He mentioned you were down there,Ihadnt followed for a while,sorry .I can"t wait to talk to your mumNaomi.How far is it to Cook Island from there .Are you going that way or sdme other route.Bye for now ,Bored Bob yearsley.p.s we tore down our shop to make parking.How about thatAmy coming down,wow again.

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