Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anxious to be in the tropics

After a several month hiatus...we're excited to return to the boat, and the warmth of the tropics. Here is a glimpse of our life:

I know...the pic doesn't look much the Pacific Northwest, does it?!? Sunny AND snowy?? Crazy. Feels a bit like we're in Edmonton....well, except for the ocean. Hmmmm.....

Oh's a close up of the top of the flag pole (whose flag was long ago shredded in one of our chaotic winter storms):

I'm also looking forward to blogging again!! Stay tuned for more updates, as we get ready to cruise once more!


Diane, Evan and Maia said...

When do you guys expect to return to the boat? We're crossing in late March or so; maybe we'll catch up to you!

Naomi said...

Hey Guys,
Yes...we'll be back on the boat on March 9! Can't wait. We hope to see you at some point! :O)

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