Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reconnecting with Cruising Friends

Yesterday, I was thrilled to take a trip to Victoria to meet up with cruising friends we met in Mexico. Liz and Mike were kind enough to check out a second hand sail in Seattle for us...and then offered to deliver it to us via the Clipper Ferry! I met them in Victoria and we had a great afternoon catching up!

Back in November, John and I rendezvoused with Jacob and Julia - our friends from Pisces - also in Victoria. We met them last year in La Paz, and buddy-boated with them. They are now settled in Seattle, and their fabulous Jason 35 "Pisces" is for sale.


shawn and chris said...


We are friends with Pisces, buddy boated with them 2008-2009 from the Channel Islands to Sea of Cortez. They mentioned they'd met you a while back and I just stumbled onto your blog.

When are you planning to head from Tonga to Hawaii? We thought about doing the route you're doing, but for several reasons have decided to check out Hawaii first and make decisions from there...

Safe passages!
Shawn (& Chris)
s/v Tao

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