Monday, April 18, 2011

Bora Bora

Here we the land of honeymooners. If you've seen the movie "Couples
Retreat" - you've seen Bora Bora. It really is beatuiful. The lagoon is
clear blue, with small islets surround the main island.

We've been out on the sandbar, and saw many small manta rays, but have not
yet been able to snorkel with them. I think they know that we don't have
tuna to give them (like the tourist boats), so they aren't interested in
sticking around to play with us! I have mixed feelings about feeding the
wildlife to encourage encounters with us, but have to admit that they look
to be having heaps of fun out there.

We're so far ahead of the fleet of cruising boats that there is only one
other cruising boat here - Lady Meg - from Canada! But there are also
several charter boats around, so we're not completely alone. Yesterday, we
anchored with one other boat in 30 feet of clear water, with fish all around
the boat, in an area that would have 50+ boats in July and August!

We've been laying low here. Just hanging on the boat. A swim and snorkel
here and there. Yesterday we snorkeled an area near our anchorage, and while
there weren't many fish, we were pulled with the current so quickly,

Today, we're heading to the main town here to check in with officials, and
do a bit of paperwork. Then, around the island. We may not have internet for
a few days over there.

The pics were taken on a small motu, with a great view of the main island,
and where a fisherman was giving some local youth a demo on de-scaling some
small fish they had caught with their net.

Current Position: 016 30.99S, 151 46.37W


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