Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Catching Up

Well, life catches up to us, even in paradise. Today I decided to sit tight,
and take care of some internet chores - submit my HST return, pay a few
bills, and look into our airline ticket refund. Since we have lighting fast
internet here (weird), I decided that this is as good a time as any. Most
things went well.

Here's my favorite part: While I called the airline (via gmail), and waited
patiently on hold...I took advantage of the down time, and loaded up a heap
of blogs that I don't normally get the pleasure to read, since our internet
time is pay as you go around here. I was thrilled to learn of our cruising
friends who have had a safe passage to the Marquesas, or who are almost
there!! (Ceileih, Adios, Southern Cross) and to get a glimpse into the
awesome blogs of friends [] - congrats! Now...if
only I can convince Mark [] to cook up a dish that
is made entirely from canned goods. No fresh ingredients, and a limited
spice cabinet. A challenge to you, my friend!!

Here's my least favorite part: the airline didn't receive the fax I sent two
days ago. The same fax that cost about $42 dollars to send 6 pages. Hmpf.
Since they are holding my $3200 hostage, I didn't feel as though we had a
lot of options. Still - just a bit disappointing.


Mark said...

Hi Naomi,

I will accept your challenge and see what I can come up with using only canned goods and limited spices. I will also not "cheat" and just make beans and rice;-)

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