Friday, April 29, 2011

Casse Croute

I can't recall if we've discussed this Polynesian specialty before. I
thought my foodie friends may enjoy this. So...this is the ubiquitous burger
of the south seas. It is simply a half baguette with yummy fillings. You
remember... A baguette is a meter long. So a half baguette is no subway foot
long, I'll tell you! Anyway, I digress. You have many options for fillings.
Poulet frites is a favorite. Also fried fish with fries - yum. Tuna with
fries. Even steak or pork with fries. As a matter of fact, I've yet to meet
a casse-croute that I don't like.

I have to admit that receiving the fries IN my sandwich, instead of BESIDE
my sandwich took me by surprise. But it is yummy. No complaints here.
And...if I say so myself...I consider myself a bit of an aficionado of
French fries. I mean, let's be realistic. It's not like it came from FRITZ
on Robson Street, but these are pretty good. And cheap too. $2 or $3 for a
half baguette. And EVERYONE around here eats them.


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