Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leaving Bora

April 26 - Well, the time has finally come to move on. We've been here for
almost two weeks, and we're ready. Although we checked out of the country
today, we may stop in at Maupiti, if weather permits. It is only 40 miles
away, and supposed to be a beautiful atoll, off the beaten path. Wonderful.

A recent lack of blog posts could indicate we've been too busy having fun,
or we've been too mellow to have anything interesting to write about. Well,
both is true. We've been pretty slow-moving these days. But we have managed
to explore some of the island and lagoon.

Here's a quick summary:

Lots of time at the west lagoon: swimming with rays and sharks, several
trips into town to shop and organize officialdom, visiting the well-stocked
marine chandelry, exploring local beaches, hiking, eating casse-croutes, and
enjoying many sundowners with Lady Meg and Australia 31.

A few days on the east lagoon: exploring coral reefs (requiring a new prop
shear pin for the impeller - oops), snorkelling, bird watching (kinda),
shell-collecting, beach-combing, hair cutting, and so on.

We also had a crazy rain storm last night, filling our water tanks, and
keeping us awake for most of the night! But the sand bottom of the lagoon
provides great holding for our anchor, so we didn't budge.

And of course, lots of boat projects. After we leave Maupiti, we're heading
for the Cook Islands, where we expect to make landfall at a deserted island
700 miles away. We'll be at sea for a week, so we've been preparing Renova
and her crew for her first passage in quite some time!

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