Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banana Bread and Coconuts

With a dozen sharks circling the boat at any one time, we seem to spend more
time looking for other places to swim. We've found a nearby reef that the
sharks do not seem to be interested in. Also, I spend each afternoon on the
beach, playing with the kids from La Familia, lying in a foot of water,
drinking coconuts, in an effort to cool ourselves off!

La Familia brought with them a hand of very ripe bananas, so I've been in
full banana bread mode. We've made 6 or 8 loaves in the past few days and
have shared them with the other boats. I've finished up my stocks of flour
and baking powder. No problem, the other boats here, have helped out, and
we're so close to Samoa, re-supplying will be easy, and cheap!

Banana Bread Delivery
All is well on board. John is still a bit under the weather, but his stomach
pains are manageable and less frequent, so we feel he is on the mend. We're
still flying through the reading material...I've just finished my ninth book
this month! Wow.

The French boat has left, as has Discovery, the small charter boat. We're
now down to three, and Camdeboo is leaving this afternoon, so we'll soon
just be two boats.

We're happy to get on the bandwagon and we are flying our Canucks flad from
the stern - we hear that the Canucks are moving to the FINALS...WOW!
Go Canucks!


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