Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Victoria Day

Wishing all of you at home a very happy Victoria Day and Long Weekend!!
Although we are a long way removed from rainy long weekend camping
trips...we're still thinking of you all and hoping for good weather to mark
the beginning of the camping season!!
As you can see, the achorage is full of coral heads...and sharks!
After spending three quiet days along here in Suwarrow, we were pleased to
have La Familia join us on Saturday, shortly after the arrival of Julian and
Annyis (sp?) from France. And yesterday (Sunday), two other boats joined us.
Camdeboo is a Victoria sailing boat, who have had the boat here in the South
Pacific for five years, and whose owner grew up in Lantzville!! They are now
on their way home via Hawaii. And the Discovery is a older converted fishing
vessel, with 9 guests on board from all over the world, including Victoria,

So once again, we are enjoying potlucks on the beach and socializing again.
And even though we have left french-speaking countries, I continue to
practice my limited language skills!

During our days here alone, John had three evenings of severe abdominal
cramping. In situations like these, we are reminded of our isolation. We
have four medical texts on board, but the symptoms did not fit neatly into a
single diagnosis, so we cast about within friends and family for ideas and
advice. The decision we needed to make was whether to stay at isolated
Suwarrow and rest, or if we should weigh anchor and travel the 4-5 days to
Samoa where we could find medical help. Unfortunately, the wind was very
light, so we weren't looking forward to a long sail, bobbing about without

In the end we settled on an inflammed gall bladder, or gall
stones...primarily due to the re-occurrence of pain after meals, although
the pain presented itself in the lower left quadrant of his abdomen...which,
according to our books, was not typical. He has been two days without
symptoms, so he's thrilled to be back to his usual diet, and taking
advantage of all the fish that has been shared with us from other boats! The
other possible diagnoses were also not serious, so we're happy to have
stayed put.


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