Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 2 Passage to Suwarrow

We left Mopelia finally yesterday, and are now on our way to Suwarrow, in
the northern Cook Islands. As of 1030 local time, our position is:
15 52.8S
155 28.3W

Yesterday we had strong winds, forcing us to sail with storm jib and reefed
mail. Last night, wind was all over the map, but only one small squall.
Today, the day started with glorious blue skies, and lovely south-east
winds, but has since turned around to south-west winds. All of this was not
in our forecasts.

All is well on board, we both felt a little green yesterday, but much better
this morning. Neither of us were too keen to eat dinner yesterday, so the
canneloni sits on the stove, and will be an easy lunch today. Crackers and
pretzels seemed to be the best for easing a rough stomach. The swell is
about 2+ meters, and seems to be coming from three directions at once, a
result of all the unusual weather of the last week, I suppose.

Our ETA is Sunday, May 15.


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