Friday, May 13, 2011

Day 4 - 230 miles to go

Now cruising along at 5 knots, making good time. Still hoping to arrive on
Sunday, but winds will have to be favorable to get in the pass before dark.
Otherwise, we'll slow down and wait to enter in the morning.
All is well aboard Renova. We lost a huge fish almost had all
the line off our reel again, but finally the line (80-lb test) broke free.
Poor thing is now swimming around with a big hoochie and a stainless leader
hanging out of its mouth. There has to be a better way. If only he had come
to the boat, we could have unhooked him, and let him go on his way.
Feeling good enough to read now. At least that helps the time tick away.
At 1335 local time on May 13, our position is:
14 20.4s
159 17.4w


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