Tuesday, May 3, 2011


May 3 - Happy Birthday Sooh!!

Our second day in Mopelia was fabulous. After a long rest to catch up on
sleep, we spent the morning aboard Renova. I finally made use of the wedding
tulle Julia gave me in Mexico (thanx), and sewed up some bug screens for our
hatches. The flies here have swarmed the boat, and although they don't bite,
they are especially annoying. We're now fly free!

The afternoon was spent wandering around the motu (island), where we checked
out the reef, where we noticed the ocean was as smooth as glass, and met the
other local resident Monique. After she called off her aggressive dogs, we
had a good chat with her, while she continued her work of digging out the
meat from the coconut shells.

In the evening, we joined Hina to walk to the outside of the reef, in search
of lobster. We've tried this once before - on Toau - and we were pathetic.
This time was no different. While John and I shone our lights through the
water in search of beady little eyes, and seeing none, Hina had collected
three monsters for us in no time! We delighted in cooking them up fresh at
the boat!

Overnight, the wind seems to have returned. So this morning, we will check
the weather, and if conditions look good, we will set sail for Suwarrow, in
the Cook Islands.

We've now left all internet behind and rely solely on our sat phone
connection for emails. We will include occasional photos with our blog.

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