Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thoughts on American Samoa and Pago Pago

Some quick thoughts on Pago Pago...
  • incredibly friendly people
  • conservative culture - long skirts and sleeves are the norm
  • very religious...multiple churches on every block. Most people go to church everyday, and maybe even multiple churches. 
  • when the wind is just right, the smell from the tuna factory is...well...ripe
  • check in and out was easy for us.$65 total. 
  • Shopping was American prices. And surprisingly...all American brands. wild.
  • Huge unemployment here. Tough economy. Major employers are the tuna cannery, and the police/military/gov't. 
  • Lots of garbage. Everywhere.
  • Love the lavalava (sarong-style skirts worn by everyone).

We're on our way this afternoon for an overnight sail to Samoa. (Used to be Western Samoa or Independant Samoa). We're going in tandem with Secret Agent Man, and looking forward to seeing La Familia. Aparently, we'll be tying up at a marina! Wahoo!!


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