Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mt. Alava

Another climb to the top! This time, Mt Alava provided a nice climb to its peak along a deserted service road, to the radio tower at the top. There were also the rusty remains of an old cable car that used to transport tourists across the harbour up to this point.
Pago Pago Harbour - with Pago Pago village on the right and Fagatogo village on the left. Renova is the 2nd boat on the right.

Pago Pago Harbour

The descent would have been a fabulous MOMAR adventure race course! It was steep, with ladders and ropes to guide us down the slopes to the village of Vatia. We had wobbly Elvis-legs by the time we reached the bottom of the village.
Just a few of the 783 steps on the descent

It was Sunday, when swimming is frowned up, so we sat in the shade of a tree, while we hoped for a car that would come by to give us a lift back to the other side of the harbour. After 20 minutes, two wonderful ladies drove by and were more than happy to drive us back to the boat, giving us important economic and culture lessons of Samoa along the way!


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