Thursday, January 19, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Day 21

Three weeks at sea. Not our longest passage. But long enough. John and I are
dreaming of all the wonderful foods that we'll stuff into ourselves, upon
our arrival in Honolulu. Steaks. French Fries. Ice Cream. Hamburgers. Beer
(well...that's just me).

Less than 200 miles to go. Yee haa!! At our current speed of 5.5/6 knots,
that will put us into harbour in the middle of the night. We'll likely start
to think about slowing down, to ensure a daylight arrival.

Life is good out here. When the winds are on our beam (side), we hoist the
main sail. It gives us a nice push along. Other than that, we have no need
to go outside. And, we have TONS of power, so there is no hesitation about
watching movies, or cranking up the music. A far cry from passage making on
our dear Renova.

Here's a pic for y'all - demonstrating how lovely it is out here. John's
doing his best Titanic pose. And you can see the flat seas in front.

Thanks to everyone who posted comments on our stop at Johnston. It's great
to hear from these guys lived there for so long. And yes, we have more
pictures of the atoll...we'll post some of them when we get to some fast


Mark / Donna Stuart said...

Howdy Folks, Glad to see you two enjoying the trip to Five-O teritory. Honolulu may seem a bit like Manhattan compared to other stops you've made, but I'm sure you will make the most of it. The USS Missouri is in Pearl Harbour of course. We miss you two, kids say Hi.


Dane said...

Hurrah! Looks like you guys have been having a great adventure since we last wrote. By the time you read this you will hopefully be safe and sound in harbor, enjoying a coldie and some pizza. Thanks for continuing to remind me how awesome it can be out there.

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