Sunday, January 15, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Stop at Johnston Atoll

What a place this is. The number of birds here is astounding - Red-tailed
tropic birds, Red-footed and brown boobies, frigate birds, white terns, and
so on. We've had the pleasure of touring the island, taking a short
snorkelling trip and have been treated to a fabulous dinner with Stefan and
the field crew during our short stay here. Although, we'd love to stay
longer, do a bit of exploring, and perhaps even learning more about the work
that is happening here, we're moving on. There is absolutely no wind here at
the moment. This is the calmest it has been in the two months that this team
has been here. So, we need to get back out there and take advantage of the
lack of headwinds. It's a bit overcast this morning, so as soon as the sun
comes out, so we can see our way out the pass, we'll be continuing on our

Here's a few pics of our tour yesterday...a nesting tropicbird, a green
turtle coming up for a rest on the beach, the runway, the NOAA weather
station that doubles as their 'internet café'.

PS...Happy Birthday Matt!! :O)


f22e3a58-4051-11e1-9407-000bcdcb5194 said...

John & Naomi,

Thanks for letting us know of your stop on my former home. I lived on JA from 3/1996 to 12/2002. That place had a long history and I am glad I got to spend almost seven awesome years there. Do you have any more pictures than what you posted here?

May you have clear skies and the wind to your back on your travels around the world.

Cliff Pryor

Anonymous said...

John & Naomi,

It is great to see photo's and hear of my late home. I lived on JI from July 1989 to March 2003. Myself and others made history here proving chemical weapons could be destroyed safely both to the population and the environment. I have many fond memories of Johnston Atoll and the people who lived here during that time.

Best Regards and safe travels on your world tour,

Terry Humbert

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you for the pix of my home for 28 years, 1964 to 1992! Brought tears to my eyes remembering all the people I met there and the good times we had. Many cherished memories. I have three beloved friends buried near the building from which that one foto was dogs Friday & Bruno & Patches...the best friends a man could ever have. Bon Voyage! Jake D. Sitters, H&N/Raytheon Svcs

Anonymous said...

Great to see JA once again. I lived and worked there for over seven years. I am the person who initially designed and painted the wild refuge display you are standing next to in one of your photos. I was excited to see it still exits. Jack Feagan

Anonymous said...

Great memories of life on the Rock! I thought the island was uninhabited now?? Takes a lot of guts to make that 1 of your ports of call. Mahalo for sharing your pics with the world! Robert Cote, SWRI meteorologist, 1991-94

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you both. Been thinking about you and sending good energies your way. Daily think about our time together. What is your ETA into Honolulu? Ron

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your memories of my beloved Johnston Atoll. I lived and worked on JI from early 1991 through October 2003 and those had to be the best years of my life. JACADS was the best job I ever had and the fat pay allowed me to put my two girls through College. I cherish my extended JI family as I consider the friends I met there as part of my family. Amaro Taibo

Anonymous said...

Hi World Travlers:

I'm one of the few who had 3 tours on J.I., 64, 86-90 and 95.
The island, in the early days before they enlarged it, was not much bigger than your saling boat. Ha. The outfield of our ball field was the landing strip. Once a plane landed while we had a game so game play had to stop while it unloaded and took off again.
I was the "atoll Master" they called me in the receation Dept. I ran the 4.5 mile perimeter and earned the 10,000 mile t-shirt they gave me. We had to do something during our off time or we were off.
How nice that you took the time and effort to stop by our old "digs."

Keep saling.

Janet Rector said...

I was very excited to see you visited Johnston Atoll. I was there for 10 years leaving 10/22/03. Wish you had taken more pictures of the island. Didn't know anyone was on the island??? Thanks Janet Rector

Anonymous said...


Naomi said...

Thanks for all these great comments. It reminded me that this is the most visited post on the whole blog. I suspect there are a lot of past service men and women who are looking for information of what has become of this amazing atoll. If you are interested, I posted additional pictures of our time here on my photo website:

As always, we really love your comments. The stories of your time on here are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the link to the additional photos. Your blog seems to be the best source of recent photos of Johnston Atoll. Many people are probably interested in the current landscape, which your photos provide.

Karin D. said...

Great story and pic's. It's very interesting to see how this speck of land has changed over the years. I left on 9/26/2003 after spending 15+ years there! Those were the best years of my life.

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