Thursday, January 5, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Day 7

We're closing in on one week out here, and we've got our sea legs, and time
is ticking away. I've finished my first book, The Girl with the Dragon
Tattoo, and I've just started the second book in the series. I'm planning to
plough through the three book while we're out here, among others.

We continue to have 3m swells on the nose. Plus a slightly smaller swell
just off to our starboard side. The boat handles the swell without a
problem. It does however, slow us down considerably. I'm also convinced that
we've got some current working against us. We're progressing at about 3.5
knots. We continue to monitor our fuel consumption.

We're checking into the Pac Sea Net with our daily position. It seems our
spot tracking device isn't working out here, but if you'd like to follow our
position, you can check this link:

As I write this, the wind has picked up, and it's started to rain. We've got
gusts of 35 knots. We've had very few of these squalls out here. If it
wasn't for the instruments, you'd hardly know. Amazing how insulated we are
in the pilot house.


Behan said...

Isn't predictable *speed* supposed to be one of the benefits of going in a powerboat? At least you've got "predictable'- hope the current abates! We finally got out of Sydney's RF noise and are hoping to hear you on the PacSea net sooon.

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