Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Day 12

We've just realized that we have so much to learn about power boating.
Yesterday on the PacSeaNet, one of the radio operators asked us if we've
been enjoying lots of ice cream in this nice weather. Well, John and I just
looked at each other with a big "DOH" look on our faces. We've never cruised
with the luxuries of a freezer, and we didn't even consider loading up with
ice cream. I bought a bit more frozen meat than usual, but didn't alter our
provisioning from our usual passages. Now we're kicking ourselves. ICE
CREAM!!! We're running a big freezer. With lots of room. And what a treat
ice cream would be. Or frozen pizza. Next time...

We're 45% of the way to Honolulu!!

0300 utc:
14-11N, 174-57W
Crs: 064T at 4.0 kn
Wind: E 16kn
Waves: E 2m
Cloud: 50%
Bar: 1008

24hr: 79nm, 59.2 gal, 3.3 kn


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