Sunday, March 11, 2012

Deep Fried Goodness

We heard that our friends on Savannah were going to brave the winds and bash
upwind for two days to come hang out with us here in Maloelap. Yippee!!

So, in honour of their arrival, I thought I'd better try my hand at
deep-frying. They are from the South after all.

In the atoll of Aur, our friend James gave us some bananas and what we
thought were plantains. We don't really know what to do with plantains, but
I have heard that they are delicious when deep fried. So bring on the oil!
I sliced the plantains thinly, dipped them in a pot full of veg oil and
fried em up. Added salt. Yum. Like chips.

That was my test batch.

When Savannah arrived a couple days later, I made them again. But this time
they didn't get crispy. They were much softer. My plantains had ripened.
Monica and Andy listened to my woes, and quickly replied, in unison,
"Double-fry". DOH. OF COURSE!! I should have fried, drained, cooled, then
refried. Hmmmm. I have a lot to learn about deep frying.

They also informed me that they weren't plantains at all, just big bananas.
Oh well. Turns out I like deep fried bananas. Even soft and mushy ones. So
long as they have lots of salt.


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