Friday, March 16, 2012

Still more to see at Maloelap

We've been in this atoll for 2 weeks and there is still more to see. We
spent the last few days with Savannah at Ollot/Ollet Island, and now we're
back at Taroa Island. Savannah has left for the atoll of Aur, so we're on
our own again.

Today, we ventured out in the dingy to a tiny dot of an island about 1/2 a
mile north. There were a few whitecaps as we crossed to pass between the
islands, but it was an easy, albeit wet, trip. When we arrived, we realized
that the island was so tiny, that we wouldn't see much. We had read there
was a plane on the beach, but it was still buried under the high tide. We
did find the control panel, some aluminum scrap, and the landing gear.
Unfortunately, the beach was rocky, so there was little chance of finding an
intact glass ball, yet we searched the high tide line regardless. We did
find a beautiful conch shell.

In the afternoon, we returned to the village to stroll the beach one more
time, and say our goodbyes. We plan to head to one other uninhabited island
in this atoll, then head back to Majuro. We're in a rush now...John is out
of coffee!

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