Tuesday, April 10, 2012

No Wind, No Travel

Mike's been here a full week, and we're still in Majuro. We've got a very
weird weather system around us. Absolutely no wind. For the past week we've
had less than 5 knots of wind in the forecast. Not ideal sailing weather. So
we've hung out here in Majuro, while we wait for the wind to return to push
us to our next stop, Aur Atoll.

No problem, we're still keeping busy and having fun. We went to our
favourite local hang outs - Eneko and Enemwanet. We snorkelled. We swam. We
lounged. We bbq'ed. We paddleboarded. Mike even wakeboarded.

Now it rains. Torrential, sink-the-dinghy kind of rain. Sheesh. And we just
bought water to fill our tanks. Figures.


Kazzy said...

Nice to see that Murphy's Law is alive and kicking, even in Paradise :D

Glad to see you are living the life... love your updates! Karen

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