Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 24 - 1569 to go

Well, we're not going to win any speed records out here. We continue to
cruise along with light winds, comfortable for the most part, just a little

I baked scones for breakfast as an excuse to run the oven for a while.

As I write, we have the cabin heater burning merrily. It's the first time it
has been run in three years. It's not as warm as I remember. I also have the
CO detector turned on - that thing freaks me out.

At least I have a cozy pair of slippers. John just has two pairs of white
cotton socks. Yuck. Yesterday, I offered to make him fleece slippers from
some fleece scraps we have aboard. It was my domestic goddess emerging. I
wrapped the fleece around his legs, and then used my trusty stapler to close
up the seams. Trimmed the excess with my scissors, and presto magic!! They
are the ugliest looking things I've ever seen, but he did claim that they
were warm enough to make his feet sweaty, which he decided was a good thing.
(Addendum...he later noted that the staples didn't hold, and I spent three
hours hand-stitching them - not my original intention, but I could hardly
deny the guy, right)??

Obviously, not much going on or I would not be describing our clothing
choices and breakfast menu. We saw the sun today, for the first time in 5
days. We've spent 4 days shrouded in a blanket of fog, that made watch
keeping feel absolutely futile. We've seen a couple more ships. And we
caught and lost an albacore tuna (not winning any awards there either),
which we are grieving.

We also did a mid-ocean service of our port genoa winch.

At least we're getting lots of sleep...

Today's noon report:
Position: 39-52N, 166-22W
1589 nm to Sitka, Alaska
2627 travelled so far
Ave spd 4.8 knots
24 hr DOG: 112 nm
24 hr DMG: 108 nm
Course: 040T
Speed: 4.5 knots

Daily position reports:


Diane, Evan and Maia said...

You had us laughing out loud reading this. We're looking at firing up our heater too. Brr. At least we still have the fleece socks we got as a going away gift 3 years ago.
Enjoying the stories of this passage though--hope it continues on uneventfully:)

Anonymous said...

Hugs and love the blog!!!

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