Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 27 - From Calm to Chaos

The winds have picked up. In the last 24 hours, the barometer has dropped 10
points and we've gone from being becalmed to charging along under storm
sails. We had a great over night sail, as the winds picked up but seas were
still relatively calm. It's really fun to be doing our hull speed for a
change. Now, the swells have caught up to us and we've slowed down a bit to
have a more comfortable ride.

The big news on board Renova is our new heating gadget. John has taken a
trick from his McKinley mountain climbing days and has filled our Nalgene
water bottles with boiling water. Then he sticks these into his newly
fashioned fleece slippers (at least they are good for something), and tucks
them under the covers. This is the best body warmer ever! Great for warming
up the cold toes and fingers after making sail changes on deck.

We're dreaming of landfall (even though it is two weeks away). This is the
first passage where we're not dreaming of the food we'll eat. Instead we're
consumed with thoughts of the humongous comforter that we'll buy, the
powerful electric cabin heater, and the miraculous condensation absorber.
Ahhhh....feels like Alaska already!!

June 3 noon report:
Position: 42-58N, 161-03W
1302 nm to Sitka, Alaska
2949 travelled so far
Ave spd 4.8 knots
24 hr DOG: 120 nm
24 hr DMG: 114 nm
Course: 030T
Speed: 5.0 knots

Daily position reports:


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