Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 7 - Clean and Happy

It's Tuesday May 15 - one week at sea already. And still over 3200 miles to
go. But who's counting?? We're making great progress. All our days are over
100 miles. Squalls have mellowed out in the last few days. But we still get
the occasional wave that hits us just right, and soaks us in the cockpit.
We're both ploughing through our books. All's well.

Yesterday was wash day. A big event here where we get to pour buckets of
seawater over ourselves, then a rinse with a teeny tiny sprinkle of precious
fresh water. I'm pretty certain our next boat will have a water maker. But
we're clean and happy. For now.

We both felt that the water may have been colder than we're used to. And we
feel the need for a blanket during the night watch. Maybe it is our
imaginations, maybe it is the increasing latitude. Either way, I have a
feeling our saltwater shower days may be limited.


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you both. Watching you on the tracker. You are basically right in the middle of the the Pacific Ocean. I look forward to see you in Haida Gwaii, if all works out anytime after August 12th. Doing Cape Scott trial August 7-11 then thought I'd catch the ferry up to PR and over to HG.
Hugs and love, Ron

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