Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 9 - 3000 nm to go!

Thursday, May 17 - Our 9th day at sea, and the GPS tell us we have 3000
miles to go! That's a quarter of the way completed! Hurray.

So, today was a celebration. I baked bread. Which is not a big deal on many
boats out here. But for me, it's a pretty big deal. I never bake bread on a
passage. In fact, I hardly ever bake bread at anchor. Banana bread - yes.
Bread bread - no.

So for lunch, egg salad sandwiches on fresh foccacia bread. Yum.

For dinner, fried pork chops and onions with potato salad. And Reese's
Peanut Butter Cups for dessert. YUM.

And...just as we finished doing the dishes, a fish hit!! We caught a big
Mahi Mahi!! But once again, it was too big. We still have meat in the
freezer, so we let it go. We were hoping for a little tuna for our
celebratory meal, but this fish would have been wasted. But it did give me
some hope. I haven't seen anything out here - not a single ship, only two
birds, and the occasional flying fish.

I can hardly wait for the 2000 nm celebration!!

Our position: 24-45N, 174-41E
Check our daily position reports here:


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