Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 39 - Arrival in Sitka

June 15 - I awoke to my night watch to see jagged mountains glowing in the
dawn light over the horizon. I could feel the biting cold of the breeze
sting my cheeks. Oh yes...welcome to Alaska!!

Over the next 8 hours we motor-sailed into the wind towards Sitka. The
weather forecast had not down-graded it's gale warning for today, so we were
anxious to get into harbour as soon as possible. As we sailed in, I was
thrilled to see numerous fishing boats and hear chatter on the radio. At 10
miles out, I radioed harbour control, and they assigned us a slip in the
harbour, and arranged for customs to clear us into the country.

At 11am Alaska time, we came secured our lines, met our new neighbours, and
wobbled on unsteady legs up to the harbour master's office.

We made it.


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