Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 34 - Grinding to a Halt

June 10. It figures. As soon as we start counting down the miles remaining
and estimating landfall dates, we find ourselves in a low-wind zone. We're
bobbing along at 2 knots. The GRIB forecasts indicate we'll have a couple
days of this low-wind, then a couple days of no-wind. Then a gale. We
calculate fuel. Not enough to finish the trip on engine alone. So we bob.

This isn't anything we are not used to. We've done a lot of bobbing on this
trip. But when we're so close to the finish line, it can be a bit

On the plus side, we've had a gorgeous sunny day today. Our first in over a
week. We spent some time lounging in the cockpit, which is a rare treat
these days. In addition, lots of bobbing leaves plenty of time for other
pursuits... I feel a hankering for cheesecake coming on...

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Hi Folks, great cruising blog thanks. We are an Austalian cruising couple with an Adams 13 yacht Breakfree. We are thinking of taking up a volunteer post in Majuro, Marshall Islands. Just wondering if you would mind giving an unbiased couple of comments on swimming water quality at the town anchorages, fresh food availablity and boat security? We would be living there for two years. We have previously sailed New Caledonia and Vanuatu. Our plan would be Australia to NC and Vanuatu then do the leg to Majuro about October. How does that sound? Hope to hear frm you Ants and Jane Kangaroo Island South Australia

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