Sunday, August 30, 2009

Solar Panels and Spandex

Last night we went for a walk around Sausilito in search of ice cream. It has been a huge heat wave down here, and we've been struggling to stay cool. We've mandated daily siesta's about Renova, and one is required to rest in the heat of the day...often accompanied by a cool drink. The best part is...we can make ice!! Our solar panels are putting so many amps into our batteries that our fridge is working way better than expected, and we're able to keep all our gadgets charged up.

We found the main Sausilito strip to be lined with upscale boutiques and cafes. Super funky. Lots of floathomes and marinas line the waterfront, and tourists on rented bicycles are are roadies in spandex! The Benson clan would be drooling at all the fancy bikes here for sure.

Luckily, we found gelato, and made our way 'home' to watch 'the bank job' from the comfort of our cosy cabin.


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