Sunday, December 13, 2009

Cabo San Lucas...

We arrived this afternoon in Cabo...a place that seems unlike Mexico in every sense. It is crazy busy. Everyone speaks English. Expensive. Loud. Clean.

But a necessary stop. We needed to pick up a few fresh groceries and refuel. We took on just what we needed to get us to La Paz, where we expect everything to be somewhat less expensive.

Our passage to get here went very smoothly. We flew the spinnaker for the first time on this trip - although only for 30 minutes until the wind collapsed, and we turned on the motor. The night shift was absolutely incredible. I saw over 50 shooting stars during my 4 hour watch. This must have been a meteor shower...absolutely magical. I saw dolphins, John saw turtles.

Unfortunately, we lost 2 dorado on this trip. John is quite sad about this.

As soon as we dropped the hook, we were both diving off the side of the boat to cool down. It was a glorious day for a swim. And shortly after, we finally met Nigel and Bay (Arena), who are from Quadra Island! We have talked with them several times - at home, and again in Sausalito - but we weren't able to coordinate a get-together. Funny how we've come all this way to bump into neighbors from home.

We're now anchored just outside the harbour, in front of a row of hotels and condos. The fabulous part about being in front of this strip of hotels is the wireless internet! The less-than-fabulous aspect of this spot is the crazy loud music coming from the variety of dance clubs/variety shows/whatever else they have going on over there.

The anchorage here is terribly rolly and we've decided not to stay any longer - we'll be off again tomorrow, to Los Frailes.


Jen Berry said...

yes there was a meteor shower last night (according to Matt), but we couldn't see anything here. I guess you had clearer skies and no light pollution.

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