Monday, December 14, 2009

Chicken for dinner...again

Our fishing has not gone well these past few days. We've had a couple bonito tease us, but the true game fish still elude us. But today was the ultimate...a large fish took the lure, and ran out for what seemed forever. Finally, the line got hung up on the reel and broke. In celebration of his freedom, the fish jumped clear out of the water, in all its colorful glory. It was a marlin or swordfish. Not sure what we would have possibly done with a fish that big, but it took our last "Mexican Flag"...THE lure for fishing down here. That was a $15 lure. Oh well. If we haven't got fish stories...what have we got??

This all happened shortlly after leaving Cabo, on the trip up to Los Frailes, which we motored most of the way. When we arrived, we found the anchorage full with a dozen other boats, all waiting for the northerly winds to calm down, so they could make the next leg up to Bahia de Los Muertos...just a stone's throw from La Paz. We walked the beach here - lots of RVs and campers in the area, and a deserted seasonal fishing camp. And big homes on the hill, mostly belonging to foreigners.


morgan thomas said...

Hi guys...great blog! Looking forward to more adventures....

Morgan Thomas...and Josh and Dylan..

Naomi said...

Thanks Morgan - glad you're enjoying the blog!!

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