Saturday, December 19, 2009

Not the Dead....DREAMS

So it seems that the local developers didn't like the local name for this place, which translates as "Bay of the Dead" they renamed it. The resort community here is now "Bay of Dreams". Hmmm.

Whatever its name, we've enjoyed our stay. While most of the other sailboats pressed on to La Paz, we decided to relax and spend a day here. We've enjoyed watching the local fisherman grab their bait from right off the beach.
Terry, Fraser and Lorna drove from La Ventana yesterday evening for dinner - how awesome. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed for a private function. Instead, we were invited to dine at the nearby resort. UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was pretty nice. We had dinner in the train room, where we were the only guests. Apparently they aren't expecting any guests at the resort until, umm, Tuesday, maybe.

Anyway - the menu was in US dollars, so we knew we were in trouble. Regardless, the dinner was fine and the surroundings beautiful. It was great to catch up with Terry and for me to meet Fraser and Lorna. And...the mezzanine to the restaurant was a complete model train extravaganza.

This morning, we spent time on a couple projects. I affirmed my domestic goddessness by sewing up a hatch cover to keep our bunk dry in the crashing seas. John worked at providing for us by experimenting with our new-to-us spear gun.
After an unsuccessful trial run, we decided to drown our we took our dinghy over to the fancy resort and enjoyed a couple of beers and a plate of papas fritas (french fries) poolside. Why not?

After our break, John insisted on trying his luck snorkeling with the spear gun, but luckily Heidi and Stephen on Narama kindly invited us for dinner. We had a great time, enjoying a fabulous meal with this great couple from Alert Bay. We look forward to bumping into them again in La Paz.

We've cleaned up the boat, and have prepared to take off tonight. Another early morning departure, to be sure we arrive in La Paz with favorable currents, and in daylight.


Mark said...

Hi John and Naomi -
You guys sure have a higher pain threshold than we do! We started bashing into steep seas before we ever got to Frailes. With green water coming over the bow, the prop cavitating, speed down to about 3 kts, and still 15 miles to go, we changed course and headed to Mazatlan. Thirty hours later, we were safely anchored in a nice calm harbor for the first time since Turtle Bay.

Mark and Jamie said...

Happy holidays you guys. We hope you have an excellent christmas and a happy new year.

Naomi said...

Hi Mark and Vicki - I'm not sure it has anything to do with pain threshold. Pack mentality, maybe! We were with a group of other boats, and somehow suffering shared is suffering lightened...or something like that!! Glad to hear you're tucked into paradise on the mainland. Hope you have a great Christmas!!

Hi Mark and Jamie - thanks so much!! We hope that you and yours have an awesome holiday too...we'll be thinking of you!!

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