Friday, January 22, 2010

Waiting for weather

We left La Paz on Sunday the 17th, almost a week ago. And we're still waiting for the weather to offer us some ideal conditions for the crossing from the Baja coast to mainland Mexico. As we sit in Puerto Balandra, the winds are blowing through here enough to temp us to set up our windsurf gear. And outside, in the La Paz bay, we hear boats reporting 30-35 knots of wind. Not terrible, but we'd rather wait for somewhat calmer conditions.

It seems like a big storm on the Pacific coast of the US has caused some repercussions for unusual weather down here. But we're not suffering too badly as we wait. We've been island hopping, as we wait for the weather to turn around. Most of our days are spent snorkeling, John is learning to spear fish (score so far - John-2; fish-8+), we've done lots of walking on beautiful white beaches, and exploring in the dinghy. We've even had some productive moments - I touched up the brightwork, we scrubbed the ecosystem off our hull and keel, and generally cleaning up and organizing the boat. Mind you, we're also spending a lot of time being very unproductive - reading and general laziness.

This mushroom rock at Balandra Bay eventually eroded and toppled over. But not to fear - these clever Mexicans are on the case. Nothing a little rebar and cement won't fix!

Here's the view of the bay from the hilltops above:

It's possible that we may have an opportunity to cross to the mainland tomorrow. We may choose a shorter route to Mazatlan, as the weather is somewhat unstable still. Our fresh veggies are getting slim, so we're already diving into our canned goods. Oh well...lots of places to shop on the mainland.


Kazzy said...

If you have to hang around waiting for weather.. this isn't a bad place to hang your hat!!!!

Naomi said...

Absolutely!! Not much to complain about here!

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