Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Images from the 'Slow Boat to China'

We not-so-fondly referred to ourselves as being on the 'Slow Boat to China' on our passage from Mexico to the Galapagos. Here are a few of the images that we captured along the way.

Dolphins visited us daily, and when we were moving fast enough, they liked to play in our bow wake.

I dove mid-ocean to cool off, and to check on the status of our zinc:Once John determined that I wasn't going to get eaten by a shark, he jumped in for a dip too:

This boobie isn't walking on water - he's riding on the back of a turtle. We know this because we were adrift beside him for over an hour!!

We caught this lovely tuna, and it made delicious sashimi!!

Boobies were forever trying to hitchhike a lift:
These guys also liked to travel beneath the shade of Renova:

We celebrated crossing the equator in style:


Mark said...

Congratulations on your passage! Look forward to seeing pics of your Galapagos adventures.

Mark & Donna Stuart said...

Great pics you guys, it does look like you had a little wind at times, other times it looked like a mill pond. How 'bout a shot of the two of you so we can see if your healthy and eating right. A picture of Johns hairy leg, I assume it was Johns, just won't do. We wish we could be there with you, I'm sure you know. What a bash that would be. Enjoy the Islands....

Cousin Mark

Naomi said...

Hey Mark and Mark...thanks for your comments. We'll get to work on some pics of the two of us...mostly we just don't want to make you too jealous of our new skin tone. But if you insist...we'll see what we can do about some self portraits. But - don't say I didn't warn you!

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