Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cost of Cruising in the Galapagos

When we went to the Galapagos in the spring of 2010, there was a lot of uncertainty from cruisers about what the costs would be. We chose to secure an autographo, enabling us to take our boat between the five approved harbours among the islands. We're glad we did. But, of course, all of this comes at a price. We used Bolivar as our agent, and the process was smooth and flawless.

Here is a summary of our expenses, in US dollars to check in with our 36 foot boat.

Port Captain Fee: $88
Signal Fees: $30
Immigration: $30
National Park Pass: $200 (2 people)
Autographo and Agent Fee: $300
Ingala: $20

TOTAL: $668

FYI, we also paid $3.50 per gallon for diesel fuel, and $3 per 5 gallon jug of bottled drinking water - all delivered to the boat.

Other expenses in the islands were typical - $70 for a single dive, $5 for the lunch special, and pricey canned veggies, but nothing atypical.

Of course, the regulations for cruising sailboats in the Galapagos changes continually, agents charge different fees, and each visitor's perspective will add additional colour...but this was our experience.


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