Saturday, April 3, 2010

Isabela is Awesome!

We've had a glorious few days at Isla Isabela. The anchorage is great, and there are about a dozen boats here with us, although every day one or two boats leave to jump the puddle, and another comes to take it's place. The other night we had cocktails with Precious Metal - Pamela's boat from Port Hardy! And one of her crew members, Jim, was from Campbell River...small world.

In San Cristobal, the common mode of transport was via scooter or taxi - there were very few privately owned cars in the city. By contrast, there are privatly owned trucks on Isabela, but most families seem to get around on mountain bikes. It's not unusual to see three people on a Giant or Marin coasting down the sandy roads of town.

We've seen incredible wildlife. Yesterday, Dom and I went diving to Isla Tortuga, and swam with the white tip sharks, giant tortoises, and an incredible variety of sea life. Today, all three of us went on an incredible panga ride up the coast to Los Tunneles, where I swam with a humongous Manta Ray that was at least 4 meters wide! We also travelled in and around an incredible maze of lave tunnels and towers, and were able to snorkel with sharks again. We even saw penguins, a sea horse and a turtle!

We have one more day on Isabela. We're trying to decide if we hike up to the rim of the Volcano, or perhaps spend a day snorkeling around the anchorage
and renting a surfboard...the surf breaks here are incredible! Tough life.


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