Friday, May 7, 2010

Another day...or two

Still here in Hiva Oa. Not going far or fast. We're happy to be able to slow down and take things a bit slower. We've decided to stay another day or two to take in some local festivities.

We have found internet here, but it is very slow, and expensive, so for now, we're still limited to text updates. We'll keep an eye out for faster internet, when we can bring you some local images. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seats!!

Shopping day tomorrow...which is always fun. Everyone has fruit growing in their yard here, so there isn't fruit in the stores, so we must chat with the locals in an effort to trade for the yummy local bananas, starfruit, guananana (??), papaya, etc. Veggies are also a rarity out here, and we're quickly learning that if we see something we like, we should snap it up, instead of waiting for another day, when it will surely be gone. But...the stores are incredibly well stocked here, if expensive, so we have no doubt
we'll be able to survive a few more weeks!


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