Monday, May 3, 2010

Hiva Oa - Chillin'

We've decided that French Polynesia is the ultimate holiday destination. We're scoping out the cute little family-run hotels to find out where we'd like to stay next time we're here.

The anchorage is absolutely packed. At least 24 boats. All VERY close. And at least half are French, or more. No other Canadian flagged boats here, and only one other American. We feel a bit silly not being able to speak french, but we're getting a crash course. Speeking the local language of
Tahitian/Polynesian seems a daunting task, but we're trying out a few words!

The island is incredibly lush - very green and tropical. It has rained every day we've been here, but it is a warm rain. It does elicit a bit of a Chinese Fire Drill response on Renova, as we rush around closing hatches and portholes, and bringing down laundry, in hopes of keeping some semblance of order. But it has been wonderful to get some of the caked salt off the decks and gear, and we're grateful. Also, there is a tap of delicious mountain water beside the dinghy dock, that is also attached to a crude shower...what a glorious treat to stand beneath a running tap without worrying about how many gallons are being flushed down the drain. Finally, squeaky clean again!!

Once again we managed to bring a full aquarium of underwater species with us - crazy looking barnacles, and we spent a good amount of time yesterday scraping and scrubbing our hull. At least she looks clean above the water line. Because we spent 23 days heeled over to the same side, the green-brown growth was right up the side of the boat. Yuck.

Checking in here was surprisingly simply. Customs dropped by the boat, and filled in a few forms and checked out our liquor cabinet. And today, we stopped into the Gendarmerie, where we filled out a form, and then took it to the post office, where we bought a 70 cent stamp. That was it. Less than half an hour. What a treat!!! We'll have to do more paperwork when we reach the capital city of Papeete, but for now, we're done.

That's all for now. We're off for dinner with a young Norwegian couple and their 11 month old baby! What troopers!


Anonymous said...

Hey Naomi and John:

Wow. Tacoma is proud of you! To think that we looked at your boat and now it is in the Marqueses. Send us an eddress and I'll send you a couple of pix of your boat before you owned her. Kurt and Nancy from RAVEN - Julia and Jacob's friends and the famous Xmas eve dinner in La Paz. Pisces has our eddress. :-)

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