Saturday, May 1, 2010

We made it!!

At 4:30 this afternoon, we dropped our bow and stern anchor at Hiva Oa in Tahauku Bay. We're closely anchored here with about 16 other sail boats from around the world. No other Canadian Boats in the anchorage.

We have about a 4 foot ground swell here, and this is considered a good anchorage. It sure is a long way from BC.

This is French Polynesia, a colony (not sure if that is the right word) of France. We will be flying the French flag here, as a courtesy, and also will try to find local French Polynesian and Marquesan Flags.

Already, after sipping cocktails in the cockpit, we realize that this could be the ultimate vacation destination. Lots of cute, small houses, which surely house B&B's or small hotels, yet quiet and unassuming. The scenery is stunning...lush green hills rise steeply from the water's edge. We haven't even got off the boat, and we wonder about real estate prices. Hmmmm....after all, I am also a citizen of the EU!!

We've already met another boat in the anchorage, and got the low-down on the dinghy dock, checkin proceedure and local veggie market. Amazing how friendly cruisers can be.

As I write this a cat has come in and tried to anchor next to us. And we thought we were already too close to our neighbors. As it turns out, he has moved on, and dropped his hook elsewhere. I hope he wasn't too concerned with John's evil eye!

Sleep will come easy tonight. In part, because the cocktails are tasty, but also because the swell is only minor compared to the past 23 nights.


Mark said...

Congratulations on your safe passage!

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