Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dancing and Eclipse!

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Throughout the month of July is a large festival in Tahiti called Heiva. There are dancing and singing competitions, as well as sporting events. Some of the sporting events include outrigger canoe races, coconut husking, rock lifting, javelin, etc. We haven't seen any of the sport competitions, but we did get to take in one of the evenings of dance competitions. What an experience!!

There were about a hundred dancers on the stage performing routines involving a lot of hip-wiggling (women) and foot stamping (men). It was phenomenal. Unfortunately, taking photos of the performance was prohibited. So sad. The costumes were fabulous - lots of grass skirts, bikini tops and ornate headwear. Mike and John were continuously hoping for a wardrobe malfunction, and got lucky on a couple of occasions!

There are many people here in Tahiti who have come especially for the eclipse. From here, the sun is over 99% concealed by the moon. For an hour this morning, we enjoyed our morning tea and coffee in the cockpit with our fancy eclipse glasses, and watched as the moon covered all but the smallest sliver of the sun. Very cool.


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