Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Point Venus - Tahiti

Point Venus, Tahiti, Society Archipelago, French Polynesia

After fixing our bilge pumps, we said goodbye to our friends here, left the bustling metropolis of Papeete, and headed to Point Venus. Our friend Chris on Namaste had told us this was a great windsurf spot, and we were keen to check it out. There was a raging wind on the way up there, and once we set the hook, we still felt obliged for one of us to stay on the boat, to make sure we didn't find ourselves half way across the lagoon!

The boys checked out the black sand beach, went in search of the windsurfing spot, and chatted with a few of the competitors who are here for an world outrigger race.

FINALLY. I paddled a va'a!! For the last two months, since the Marquesas, we see outrigger canoes everywhere. There is one in every yard, every beach has several, and they are always being paddled through the anchorages. Their elegant lines as they glide through the water make me drool (to say nothing of the mostly fine looking Polynesian men at the helm)!! I've been dying to paddle in one. This morning, I had my chance. A New Zealand girl stopped by the boat to chat, and when she came aboard for a tour, she let me take out her canoe for a spin! It was awesome...not nearly as tippy as I had expected, but very fast. I'll need to practice to get my changes up to speed, but I can't wait to bring one of these home next year :O) Hmmm...logistics.

We discovered the windsurfing spot on the far side of the point, but with the wind raging, the swell was enormous. It would be impossible to get there by dinghy, and very uncomfortable with the big boat. Since there are other windsurf spots ahead of us and now that we'll be home in a few weeks, the intense desire to set up the gear has settled and we decided to save ourselves the bash, and head to Moorea.

Our Position: 17°29.89'S and 149°29.71'W


Jo said...

Yay for the Outrigger! You've got to love them. I'm happy to practice some quick hut-hoo's (i.e. changes) with you when you're back in town.

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