Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sand Bar Sunday

So...picture this...

Crystal blue, warm water.
Standing up to your waist.
Tying the dinghy to the volleyball net.
One-handed volleyball (beer in the other hand).
Numerous floating tiki bars.
People EVERYWHERE on floaty toys.
Music radiating.

This is Sunday at the sand bar. Crazy. But true.

Alex and Kate picked us up, and we spent the afternoon lounging on the sand bar. It was a fabulous way to meet more cruisers and cool off. We had planned to leave that morning, but decided to spend one more night, as the bilge pump was giving us problems. Good decision!! Unfortunately, one night turned into two, as we needed to spend the next day in recovery mode. Sheesh.


Mark / Donna Stuart said...

Looks like the pool scene from National Lampoons "Animal House". Look foward to seeing you guys soon.

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