Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arrival in American Samoa

We have just arrived in American Samoa. We traveled the 465 nm in under 4
days. We had a beautiful downwind sail the entire way, only occasionally
having to do minor adjustments to the sails from time to time. We spent the
time reading, listening to podcasts, watching Dexter and just lounging.

We're now in American Samoa. Because we've arrived on a Sunday, we can't
officially check in with customs until tomorrow (unless we want to pay
overtime fees), so we are supposed to stay on the boat until we are cleared.
Others in the anchorage have already told us that they are rigid about the
rules, but relaxed and friendly, and won't mind us going ashore. Hmmm.

The Sunkist Tuna Factory. Best not to be downwind.

The harbour here is pretty disgusting. Plastic floats all around us. The
tuna factory on the shores provides a distinctive odour. But, the mountains
that rise above each side of the harbour are lush and green, and the
buildings are painted in a variety of bright and cheerful colors. We're looking
forward to exploring.

We were pleased to see two familiar boats in the anchorage - Australia 31 and Secret Agent Man. We received a warm welcome and enjoyed catching up on the last few weeks over evening cocktails!

Yacht Anchorage - we're here with 10 boats, most of whom have spent the season here.
We passed the golden arches on the way into the harbour, and now all John
can talk about is burgers and french fries. I expect we'll be making a visit
before too long. Not sure how I can be so anti-McD's at home, yet cave so
easily here. Nostalgia? Perhaps.


busycorner said...

please enjoy your stay. This website provides plenty of things to do, mostly free.

Listen to the podcasts for a great introduction into Polynesian culture. Hint: rent a car or take the bus for the podcast audio tour.


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