Friday, June 10, 2011

Provisioning...gone to heaven!

Riding the buses is a great adventure - blaring music, cheap - $1, and lots of local culture

We joined forces with the crew from Selah for a mission out to the Cost-U-Less. Just like Costco. It was a great mission! John and I loaded up with staples and were happy to be paying US prices, much cheaper than in French Polynesia!

Just like home...almost

The crew of Selah had other prioirities. The four boys managed to fill up a cart's worth of items just from the sweets and treats aisle! Nice.

We had planned to share a cab back to town, but we were thrilled when Roland, the store manager, offered to take take us and our loot back in his truck! We loaded in, and took off. The boys were stuffed in between boxes of licorice and gummy bears, and Dixie and I riding in style in the cab!

A boat load of groceries!

It was touch and go, but we managed to fit all our goodies into the dinghy in one load. Hurray. But...that's only half of it. Now we have to find places to stash all this stuff on the boat!

Fitting everything into our little dinghy!


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