Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Outboard Engine Repair

I know. You're scratching your head, wondering what is wrong with that picture. Yet another pic of John tinkering with our outboard. But wait a minute. That isn't a 70's era Evinrude?? I KNOW!! :O)

We noticed our next-door-boat had this tiny outboard on his stern, and a great big dinghy, with a good sized outboard. We decided to investigate. Turns out...he isn't using this one. It doesn't run, but hasn't been used
too much and isn't very old, and he's happy to sell it to us, if we can get it running. Well... You can only imagine the monstrous grin on John's face!

John's in his happy place. Cleaning fuel lines. Rebuilding the carbarator. Going for laps around Renova. Happy guy.


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