Sunday, June 19, 2011

Siva Afi

We have been lucky to arrive in Apia, Samoa in time for the 10th Annual International Siva Afi competition. Siva Afi is fire dancing. So for the past three evenings, we've enjoyed first the seniors qualifications, the juniors, and the finals! There is big stakes for this competition. The winner receives $3000 tala...almost 3/4 of the average annual income!

The shows were incredible. It was difficult to take photos, but I'll try to process some of the small video clips in the coming days.

Here are John and I, sporting our lava lavas...the sarongs that are commonly worn by men and women in the Samoas.


Mark / Donna Stuart said...

Nice skirt John, Mark and I think you look really cute but we can't see your legs. Naomi's has a great smile in the picture possibly thinking, yeah Johns dressing like the locals! We wish we were there, Love Donna, Mark, Nolan and Nicola

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