Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Eric (SV Secret Agent Man), Dom, John and I had a fabulous tour around the island with Tiali. We saw the To Sua Ocean Trench, some great falls, beautiful beaches, local homes, a Bahaii house of worship. After a day in the car...we were exhausted...but happy!

Tomorrow, we leave marina comforts for the less developed island of Savai'i. We've been granted permission from the Prime Minister's office to tour around the island for one week.  


Jo said...

Your picture is postcard perfect! It sounds like you're having a great time right now. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures. And fortunately the green of envy is a very becoming colour on me. ;)

Kazzy said...

I think I am green like Jo!! This picture.. WOW. I am sitting here in a cloud at SFU.. visability is about 500 feet.. the trees are cloaked in the mist, and it feels like October.

*SIGH* have a cold one for me after you swim in this lovely pool!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday Naomi! We are thinking about you hope you have a little bottle of something stashed away to celebrate.

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