Friday, January 13, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Day 15 - Kicking Butt

It feels as though someone has stuck a spur into Laysan's flank. Or maybe she's picked up the scent of the barn.

Whatever it is, she is off and galloping...

We are cruising along at a killer 5 knots!! I know...that may not seem fast to you. But, after two weeks of 3.5kn, it feels like lightning to us. The wind and waves have both dropped considerably. And, we're 60 miles to Johnston Atoll. It is a ex-US Military Base. Nowadays, it serves as a protected fish and wildlife reserve. It has quite an interesting history, and among other things, it was used to disassemble chemical weapons, test
nuc's, etc. We look forward to the stop.


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