Saturday, January 14, 2012

Laysan Delivery - Day 16 - Arrival at Johnston

At 8am this morning, we arrived at Johnston Atoll. We are located at 16-44N,

This is a US Wildlife Refuge, with an interesting history. It was used as a
Military Base, and as a chemical weapons disposal location. There have also
been nuclear testing conducted here. Check out wikipedia for a full history.

Yachts don't normally stop here, but we've been granted permission. The
strike team leader, Stefan met us at the dock and helped us to tie up and
gave us a history of the atoll, and a brief description of the activities
that his team are doing here. Their primary objective is to eradicate the
invasive Yellow Crazy Ants, that are invading the nests of the breeding bird

We've spent the morning doing a few boat chores (transfer fuel, change oil,
repair nav lights, check knotmeter and prop, etc), and are heading out for a
tour of the island with Stefan this afternoon. Tonight, we've been invited
to dine with the rest of the field team here.


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