Saturday, June 9, 2012

DAY 33 - Typing with Mittens

It's June 9. Haven't been doing much typing, because it's a bit tricky with
mittens on. Spelling goes out the window. Caps Lock finds it's way on. And
the mouse pad does not respond well to fleeced thumbs.

Besides the temperature, there are other clues that we're getting closer to
home. Today we're at the 50 degrees of latitude. That's where we live. I'm
sure it can't possibly be 10'C in Campbell River, but it feels good to be
alongside of home. Other clues...we had to pick kelp of the monitor wind
vane paddle. And (drum roll please)...I caught a salmon! Ok, ok, it was a
Pink, and not a big one, but it made a delicious dinner.

We're living in a drip zone. Another memory of sailing in the north that
we'd conveniently forgotten about. Every window and hatch is a constant
source of condensation, and drips incessantly, leaving little moist trails
on the floor, the stove, the cabinets, the bedding...

The sailing is good. We've had enough wind to keep moving. Not always
directly towards our destination, but we are making progress. We're starting
to think about Sitka...should we splurge on a hotel? A massage? Or a trip to
the local rec centre and a new cabin heater?? 650 miles to go.

June 9 noon report:
Position: 50-15N, 150-13W
669 miles to Sitka, Alaska
3642 miles travelled so far
24 hr DMG: 80 nm (our 3rd worst day)
24 hr DOG: 107 nm
24 hr speed SOG: 4.5 knots
Course: 060T
Wind: North 13 knots
Seas: Confused 1.5 meters

Daily position reports:


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