Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kalinin Bay, Kruzof Island, SE Alaska

June 26

We left on Tuesday morning and set our sights north. Our plan is to head
around the northern end of Chichagof Island and hope to make our way to
Glacier Bay by early next week. We are anxious to get going, as there are so
many interesting stops along the way!

We had a constant drizzle throughout the day, which John braved in the
cockpit. I mostly ran support from the dry cabin - there was lots to do, as
we navigated through a couple of narrow channels requiring a close watch.
Occasionally, I was up on the bow, watching for rocks and other hazards. We
finished the day in Kalinin Bay, a popular stop at the entrance/exit to
Peril Strait. This is the route most boaters would take to get to the inside
passage, and calmer waters. There are three boats here when we arrive, and
four more arrive throughout the afternoon. But it's a big bay and there is
room for many more.


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